About Us


The Arizona Professional Photographers Association is a non-profit affiliated state member of the Professional Photographers of America, Inc. The Arizona PPA provides a vital link in the chain of organizations from the PPA.

AzPPA provides numerous educational opportunities to it's membership including monthly seminars and workshops(most months of year except July - please check the Education list for upcoming programs). Our meetings are held the first Tuesday of each month at the Ability360 Conference Center from 6PM to approximately 9PM (depending upon program). We also host our annual state photography convention including state image competition, and several events throughout the year including Fall Festival.

Our membership consists of aspiring and professional photographers from all backgrounds and experience levels - from those just starting out in their photographic career up to Master Photographers. Although a majority of our members are wedding and portrait photographers, our membership also represents landscape, architectural and commercial photography as well.


The purpose of the Arizona Professional Photographers Association is to advance photography in all its branches, both as an art and as a profession; to promote, foster and maintain cordial relations, cooperation, interchange thought and opinion freely among its members.

To educate its general membership as to the many benefits to be derived from competitors helping each other improve their work.

To oppose violations and infringements of the rights of professional photographers as individuals.

To cooperate with all agencies, departments or organizations, either governmental or private, having to do with any phase of the profession of photography.


One of the most exciting and rewarding events a photographer can participate in is the print competition. First of all, participating in print competition is a great way to sharpen your skills and to improve your photography. Secondly, it is a way to gain attention in your profession and your community by winning awards and trophies. Print Competition Rules and entry forms are published in advance and should be reviewed carefully. Failure to follow the rules could possibly disqualify your entries. 


The Arizona PPA fiscal year runs from January to December. New officers officially assume their new positions after state convention, which is typically early in the year.
Arizona PPA contracts an executive director whose duties include the everyday matters of the association. The rest of the officers and board of directors are elected by the membership annually.

Executive Director - The Executive Director handles the everyday matters of the association such as maintaining membership files, paying bills, keeping records and distributing information to members.

The AzPPA Executive Council is comprised of the following: President, Vice-President, Treasurer/Secretary, Past President, and directors (number of which is dictated by bylaws). This group is in charge of planning and executing AzPPA events, making policy decisions, approving monetary matters, etc. Each member has specific duties.

The President, Vice-President, Treasurer/Secretary are elected by the membership each year, upon recommendation of a nomination committee appointed by the Chairman of the Board. Traditionally, even though these officers are voted on by the general membership, each one moves up with the President moving to Past President after his or her year in office and a new Secretary being brought on the board.

The role of an AzPPA Board Member is not to be taken lightly. It is an opportunity and a responsibility to represent AzPPA members and to make sure they are informed and involved in events on a state level.

Arizona PPA Members - Just because members are listed last does not diminish their importance! This entire organization revolves around service to the members. Without members, there is no Arizona PPA.

There are two kinds of members in any organization…those who become involved and those who sit on the sidelines. The choice to take advantage of all that Arizona PPA has to offer is left up to each individual. If you want to improve your photography and if you want to become more successful as a professional photographer, you need to be involved!


The APPLE Award Stands For:
A Award for P Professional P Photography L Leadership and E Excellence

To receive the APPLE Award you must have a minimum of 25 Merits of which 13 have to be Print merits and at least a minimum of 12 Service Merits.

ARTISAN AWARD – For Outstanding Service
To Receive the ARTISAN AWARD you have to receive 25 Service Merits and the ones used to receive the APPLE can not be doubled up to receive the ARTISAN.
To receive both awards you must have at least 50 merits in all of which 13 have to be print merits.

PPA National Award – For Meritorious Contributions to Professional Photography
A Committee of the five past recipients selects the next recipient of the award. The last person to receive the award is the chairman of the selection committee for the next award to be presented. This award is not necessarily presented each year.

This award started in 1989 and is Arizona’s version of the National Award. It follows the same procedures as the National Award. This also carries a life membership when awarded. The last person to receive the award is chairman of the selection committee for the next presentation.

AzPPA Merit Point System - please note that while Azppa is an affiliate pf Professional Photographers of Amarica (PPA) it has a separate merit and degree system. The local award system seen above uses the same terminology of merits an AZPPA merit is for the Apple and Artisan and Crystal Apple Awards. A PPA merit is earned from the National organization toward your Master of Photography and Photography Craftsman degrees. See PPA degree info here

10..Executive Director
3....Board Member-Officer
3....Board Member-Director
3....Board Advisor 
3....Convention Chair 
2....Committee Chair
1....Serving on a Committee
2....Local Member Speaker
1....Prints Scoring 80 and Above
1...P.rints accepted into AzPPA Loan Collection
2....Local Speaker 
1....Convention Worker
1....PPA Council
1....Print Critique Judge 
½....Mentor Service (Per instruction)


If you are interested in learning more about AZPPA spend some time checking out the site. If you would like to meet with our photographers and attend a meeting the first one is on us. We meet monthly at the Ability360 Conference Center on usually the first Tuesday of every month (except July and a few other rotating months) at 5025 E Washington Street Phoenix, AZ. 

Just let the person at the check-in desk know you saw us on the web. If you still aren't sure, you may attend additional meetings for $45. In addition to our monthly meetings we hold an Annual Convention and print competition, AZPPA All Day Seminars, and Studio Tours. For more information and to confirm what's happening at any specific meeting check out the Events section.