Anne-Marie Shumate and Andrew Faulds - PPA Merit Class - LIVE in Prescott - Stories in the Shadows of the Past


September 18, 2021
9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
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Various locations in Prescott

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Join AzPPA and PPA in this continued education class hosted by Master Photographers Anne-Marie Shumate and Andrew Faulds as they tell stories in the shadows of the past.

In this all-day immersive experience in Prescott Arizona, they will share how they transform their vision into storytelling, award-winning art that will create an impact and transform the way you look at portraits.  They will start by walking you through their visualization and preparation for the session including composition, lighting, posing, camera angles, styling and atmosphere.  Next, they will show how they communicate their vision to the client and execute their plan.  Finally, they will unlock the secrets to their photographic workflow and how they create the final product. 

In this live demo, Anne-Marie and Andrew will show you how they masterfully craft their portraits using light and shadow to create unforgettable images while also giving their clients a memorable experience.  The day will include multiple historic and unique locations and models that you will have the opportunity to photograph, or you can just enjoy watching Anne-Marie and Andrew.  It will be filled with educational opportunities and we promise you will have an enjoyable time.   The models will be late 1800’s and early-mid 1900’s characters with period correct clothing.  We will end the night with a fun dinner hosted by the Shumate family and an opportunity to reflect and discuss techniques used throughout the day.  It will be an idea-filled, educational, action-packed event that you do not want to miss. There will be a follow-up Zoom meeting a few days after the class, where Andrew and Anne-Marie will review the images they created during the workshop. They will edit a few in real time so you can see what they are looking for and how they use Lightroom and Photoshop to finish their selections.

Anne-Marie and Andrew believe in education, they believe in the power of photography, and most importantly, they believe that YOU can create art as long as you believe you can.  Join us as we show you how to create storytelling images with impact and emotion hidden in the shadows of the past.

About Anne-Marie and Andrew:

Anne-Marie Shumate and Andrew Faulds are current board members for the Arizona PPA and are passionately involved with education and helping photographers grow within their craft.  Both run successful full-time studios in Arizona and have a wealth of knowledge to share.  They are Master Photographers and have won numerous awards in their photographic arts including Arizona Photographer of the Year.  They have each been featured in national and regional magazines and have been accepted into the loan, showcase and general collection of merit images with the Professional Photographers of America (PPA).

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