David Byrd - Photoshop/Reality Imagined


June 01, 2021
6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
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David Byrd - Photoshop/Reality Imagined

When I was a kid I would pin a red bath towel around my neck and jump off the fence, because I was convinced that if I could just believe hard enough - I would fly, like Superman.  I have been chasing that dream and story ever since.  Storytelling is the key, integral component to creating amazing composite artwork through photography and Photoshop.  Understanding the story of what you seek to create will help you visualize the world of your composite, before you ever pick up your camera. This is not just applicable to the complex composites of fantasy and superheroes, this applies to all composite artwork and we make more composites as photographers than we give ourselves credit for.  When you add a texture to an otherwise boring background in a portrait, you are compositing.  When you do an infamous face swap in a group photo so everyone's eyes are open, you are compositing.  When you create a breathtaking high-school senior sports "montage" that becomes the cornerstone of your senior portrait revenue, you are creating a composite. 

In this class we will work to understand how to identify and create the story of our future artwork, by deciphering the art of writing and that of Hollywood filmmaking.  Key elements of design will be explored and that will become the foundation that will take us into Photoshop where we will learn the tools to create the stunning artwork of our imaginations.


David is an award winning photographer, Photoshop artist and an educator who specializes in unique portrait and photo manipulation art.  Through his brand Reality Reimagined, his artwork spans the genres of fantasy, glamour, fashion and all the stories found therein.  In 2018 he received the Grand Award from the Shutterfest image competition and was nominated for a Grand Imaging Award in 2019 by Professional Photographers of America.  He continues to offer weekly education in photography and Photoshop artwork, through his YouTube channel, www.youtube.com/c/realityreimagined as well as teaching at national photography conferences. The center of his universe is his wonderful wife Bethany and his soon to be born son, Parker Charles.  They remind him to never be afraid to fly and together they will travel the world and continue to explore all the possibilities of Reality Reimagined and the imagination it is based on.

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