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Message from the Board - January 2011

State of the Industry – My View  

Bob Coates AZPPA President 2010/2011 M.Photog., Cr., CPP

The Chinese have a curse, ‘’May you live in interesting times.’ And these, my friends are interesting times in the photography industry. But, I consider the curse to be a blessing also. Yes there is a lot of new competition eating away at the photography pie that is also shrinking because consumers don’t necessarily feel they have the money for the luxury of having a true professional preserve their families memories. Photographers have gotten their wish for enough mega-pixels and the prices to be low enough to afford them in a camera that is easier to get a good exposure which has made it easier than ever for someone to take their own photos which are ‘good enough.’

OK enough with the ‘interesting times’ on the negative side that the Chinese refer to. Here’s where the blessings come in. At no time in the history of photography has it been easier to find education for those who truly want to pursue the photography business as an art form. What a fabulous time to be a creative professional! Software and technology have stepped into the future to allow us to create images that were only dreamed of six or seven years ago. The opportunity to grow as an artist has never been equaled in our lifetime. You can truly elevate your images and create whatever your artistic vision and skills will allow. You can now stay in contact with your clients in many more ways through the technological advances in email, web sites, and other Internet innovations like Facebook and Twitter.

As you look to the New Year I invite you to embrace the changes that are occurring with more and more frequency by staying on top with education. One of the best education deals you have is your membership in the AZPPA. In addition to the wonderful seminars, programs and speakers being brought to you this year is the networking and friendships that will last well into the future.

Watchwords for 2011, Embrace Change, or be left behind. Have a great year!!

Respectfully submitted,           Bob




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