Arizona Professional Photographers Association

AzPPA On-The-Road: In The Darkroom

  • Tue, November 07, 2017
  • TBD

AzPPA On-The-Road Series

In The Darkroom


Journey back in time with AzPPA to the days when fixer, stop baths, and enlargers where the mainstay of most professional photographers.

Arnold Williams will be our 'time travelling guide' as we explore and learn the techniques used to develop film in the darkroom. Even though this is not a technique most photographers use anymore, it is fascinating to know how images were transformed in the film days and where our terminologies so well known today in the digital world actually come from (burning and dodging sound familiar?).

This meeting will take place in an actual darkroom learning lab.

Actual location (it will be in Phoenix) and Time will be announced shortly.

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