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SOLD OUT! Outdoor Lighting Workshop at Japanese Friendship Gardens

  • Mon, March 23, 2015
  • 1:00 PM - 6:00 PM
  • Japanese Friendship Gardens 1125 N 3rd Ave. Phoenix, AZ 85003


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Oudoor Lighting Workshop with David Lloyd
Japanese Friendship Gardens

Purpose: To provide a hands on learning environment for lighting outdoor portraiture.

The Environmental Portrait:

In this Lighting Workshop, we will be focusing on creating Outdoor Environmental Portraiture; utilizing naturally occurring and augmented light sources. This will be explored through the use of reflectors, diffusers and small shoe mount flash units with a selection of light modifiers.

Evaluating the Scene: You will learn how to evaluate and select a suitable backdrop for your portrait, based on; the relative light values presented by the setting, the foreground and background elements, available to frame your portrait, lens focal length selection and an emphasis on directional light shaping with naturally occurring environmental elements, such as the overhang of a tree or archway and naturally occurring reflecting surfaces.

Posing: You will learn how to position and pose your subject within the selected setting, while being conscious of the direction of the naturally occurring light sources. You will learn how to evaluate the presence or absence of the three primary lighting elements of a dimensionally lit portrait. You will learn the role of the key, back and fill lights in creating the illusion of depth.

Augmenting the Light: Moving forward from the above discoveries and observations, you will learn how to position positive and negative reflectors and diffusers to sculpt the light around your subject

Light Sources and Modifiers: Such that you can learn to light an environmental portrait under all conditions, you will be introduced to the creative use of small shoe mount flash units to turn a drably lit setting into a beautifully lit portrait.

Garden Setting:

The Japanese Friendship Garden provides a diverse setting for beautiful portrait photography. Our experienced models will work with you to help you achieve the look you want to capture. Soft, fashion, expressive.

Lighting Direction and Portrait Patterns:

We will begin the Workshop exploring the direction of light to create beautiful portraits, using reflectors, diffusers and small flash units.

Portable Lighting Kit:

We will demonstrate a newly designed portable lighting kit which requires no cords or battery packs, yet produces studio quality light, perfect for location portraiture, indoors or out.

What you will Learn:

This Lighting Workshop will teach you basic lighting concepts and advanced outdoor lighting techniques.

Time Frame:

We will begin at 1:00pm and conclude at 6:00pm.

Please bring plenty of water, some light snacks and wear comfortable clothing.

Work in Teams:

We will assign and work in teams to insure that everyone gets the instruction they need and learns how to hold reflectors and diffusers as well as setup portable lighting.

Who Should Attend:

Anyone desiring to learn and master Portrait Lighting using available and supplemental lighting.

Anyone who would like to learn and master Off Camera Flash

Anyone who would like to take control of their lighting skills and produce quality lighting with repeatable results.

Equipment: Camera, Lens, reflector, diffuser, small shoe mount strobe and radio trigger. We will be working as teams and your team members will be able to hold the accessories for you when you are shooting and visa versa.

Your Instructor:

David Lloyd, PPA Certified Professional Photographer

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