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James Walls,M.Photog.,CPP

With a background in Physics and Engineering, Jim has always been interested in keeping the other side of his brain exercised.  He has dabbled in many types of photography, including stop-motion, high-speed, and microphotography.  In 2005, Jim and his wife Jane started a business (Fourwalls Photographic, LLC) and have been successful in a diverse array of ventures including events, commercial, portraiture, weddings, and landscape photography.

Jim took his first photo, as an elementary school student, with a plastic Russian camera, and has been hooked ever since. He has been successful at print competition, after much collaboration with colleagues at AZPPA, and received his Masters in photography this year. Jim has been an Adobe Certified Expert in Photoshop Lightroom, a recipient of the AZPPA Artisan and APPLE awards, and a top ten photographer in 2016, 2014, and 2013. He has also been a recipient of the Kodak Gallery Award.

Jim joined AZPPA and PPA in 2005; the best photographic career decisions he could have made, and gained his certification not long after. He has been a proud board member of AZPPA for many years, and is honored to now serve as President. Jim is also pleased to act as a CPP Liaison, and provides exam preparation training for aspiring CPP candidates (his first three students all passed!).

Contact Jim at:




Vice President

Andrew Faulds, M. Photog.Cr, CPP

Andrew started his journey in Ohio where he attended Bowling Green State University pursuing a Visual Communications Degree with a concentration in Photography and Video. He quickly realized that photography was so much more than pushing the shutter, photography was about people and making people look and feel their best. You can be the best portrait photographer in the world, but if you do not relate to people in your work, it is meaningless in his opinion. Photography is a very rewarding experience because you can be the last one to ever photograph a child, family, a loved one and when that happens you can feel satisfied that you captured a memory and a special moment for their family to cherish and remember for years to come.

After Andrew graduated, he moved to Arizona, started a family and had a daughter named Addison. He continued his career with Lifetouch where he eventually opened a studio which he currently works at, Cilento Photography. Cilento Photography is named after his mentor Tony Cilento. Tony taught Andrew that there is much more to photography than pressing the shutter. His favorite quote by Tony is "When you photograph, people especially, you do not photograph them by pushing a button; you photograph them by what you feel in your heart". In 2018, Andrew started a new business venture named Studio 3 Images where he is co-owner to 2 other fellow board members (Heidi Mixon and Dave Shieids).

Andrew has won many awards in his career including AzPPA Photographer Of The Year in 2016 and 2017, and representing Team USA in the 2016 Photographic World cup, but he is most proud of receiving his Master's Degree in Photography where he was honored with having his Dad be his sponsor to put the ribbon around his neck. It was a special moment because his Dad (and Mom) have always support him in photography and this was his way to say thank you.

Photography is about heart, the people and it is all about love. That is why I chose to be a photographer and why I chose to become part of AzPPA. AzPPA has all the qualities I believe make a great photographer and is why I am part of this great organization. 




Secretary / Treasurer

David Shields,CPP

David, a native of Arizona and a graduate from Arizona State University (with a BS in Engineering) is relatively new to the field of professional portrait photography. Prior to college, he spent four years in the United States Marine Corps and then enjoyed a career as mechanical engineer.

He joined AzPPA in 2015, the national organization, PPA (Professional Photographers of America), in 2016 and earned his CPP (Certified Professional Photographer) in 2017.

With his prior service in the Marine Corps, a career in engineering, and volunteering with a variety of organizations, David brings a wide range of experience and is excited to both contribute to and give back to AzPPA, while also continuing to learn and expand his photography skills.

He can be reached at any of the following:





Tom Cheswick, Cr.Photog.

Tom is a past president of the Arizona Professional Photographers Association and currently serves as the Executive Director for the AzPPA. He has served as a PPA counselor for three terms and holds the Photographic Craftsman degree from PPA. Tom was presented with the PPA National Award and the Crystal Apple Award for his outstanding service and dedication to the photographic industry. He has earned numerous photography awards including being named twice “Arizona Wedding Photographer of the Year”, receiving two Fuji Masterpiece Awards and a Kodak gallery award.

He and his wife Francine own a highly successful home based studio, photographing mostly professional headshots and high school seniors.  An accomplished retouch artist, Tom offers his services to other professional photographers at MyRetoucher.  Tom also presents fun and exciting photography programs and workshops. For additional information, please visit http://www.cheswickphoto.com/hands-on-workshops-photography-programs/




Past President 2013 / 2017

Bob Zimmerlich, M.Photog.Cr.,CPP

Bob along with his wife Connie joined AzPPA and PPA in 2006 as aspiring photographers and through the encouragement of fellow members and learning from all of the educational opportunities available they opened their studio Siena Artè Portraiture (formerly known as ClickChick Photography).

An amateur photographer since the age of 17, Bob has been the owner of a successful software business for over 30 years and his technology background allowed him to embrace photography in the digital realm.

Bob holds the Master Of Photography degree and Photographic Craftsman degree from PPA and was awarded AzPPA Top Ten Photographer in 2010,2012,2013,2015 and 2017. He is currently a PPA juror in training. Bob is also a recipient of the AzPPA Artisan and Apple awards as well as the Fuji Masterpiece Award. He was awarded PPA Silver Photographer Of The Year in 2016.

He has served on the AzPPA Board of Directors for the past 11 years, and currently serves on the Board of Directors for SWPPA. At the national level, Bob served as chairman of the nominating committee for the PPA Board Of Directors, and proudly serves as a member of the Bylaws, Rules and Ethics committee for PPA and vice chair of the PPA Legacy Project.

AzPPA has been instrumental in allowing Bob to fulfill his love of photography and continues to be inspired by the high level of professionalism, friendships and creativity among it's members. bob@sienaarteportraiture.com

Past President 2016

Connie Zimmerlich, M.Photog.Cr.,CPP

The arts have always been a part of Connie’s life. She studied Dance beginning at age 5, played the clarinet and majored in Dance at Adelphi University in New York. She was fortunate to teach dance and baton twirling for 25 years. During the summer of 2004, after many years of enjoying photography as a hobby, Connie and her son, Brian, enrolled in a photography class. She had been searching for a new creative outlet and discovered that photography was the answer. Her thirst to learn more brought her to PPA and AZPPA. Connie has served on the AZPPA Board for the past 11 years and serves on the membership committee as well as a PPA Counselor.

Along with her husband Bob, they opened ClickChick Photography in 2006 and in 2013 moved their studio to a retail location in North Scottsdale (now known as Siena Artè Portraiture).

Connie holds the Master of Photography degree and Photographic Craftsman degree from PPA, and was awarded AZPPA Top Ten Photographer 2012, 2016 and 2018, Certified Professional Photographer Print Award and recipient of AZPPA Artisan and Apple Award. She is currently a PPA juror in training. In 2013 Connie was awarded bronze photographer of the year by national PPA for meriting all 4 prints during the PPA international print competition.

The PPA National Award for outstanding service to the photography industry was bestowed upon Connie in 2018.

She feels very grateful for the education and friendships that she has formed as being a member of AZPPA and PPA.


David Weingarten, M.Photog.,CPP

Heidi Mixon, CPP

Heidi is an Arizona based photographer who strives for excellence in every project that she takes on. Her extroverted personality often leads Heidi to photographing people, however her expertise ranges from portraiture to commercial still lives, photojournalism and architectural images.

Heidi is a visual storyteller who aims to make each project fun and memorable. She has a gift for making anyone feel comfortable in front of the camera ensuring an enjoyable photo shoot. Heidi possesses a talent for problem solving and has a diligent work ethic. Her finished product shows extreme commitment to her trade, providing photos that are clean, crisp and colorful.

Heidi gives her time and talent to a local organization Www.roomforjoy.org and well as national organization Www.nowilaymedowntosleep.org.

Heidi a member of AzPPA and PPA since 2015, also has a bachelors in Photography, from the Art institute of Phoenix and is Certified (CPP) through PPA. She received Azppa’s "top 10 photographer of the year" for both 2016 and 2017!

Rex Madden

Rex’s previous careers as a Soldier and Firefighter Paramedic influence how he photographs; by putting a sense of self and feeling in who or what he photographs. He has been photographing since the early 1980’s and transitioned into professional photography in 2008 when a photographer reviewed his work and asked him to join his company to do sport and event photography. While in the military he provided portraiture for personnel, photography for events and competitions for NATO, the US Army, the Army Medical Department and his fire department.

Rex joined PPA and AZPPA in 2010 to work at bettering his craft and start his own business in photography. Rex has always had a desire to provide a service to his country, his community and the people he serves. Being a photographer allows him to provide a service on a personal level that clients will appreciate for years to come.

His work has been published in digital art magazines, websites and his work is on display in an art gallery in Scottsdale, Arizona.

He has a private studio in Queen Creek where he does portrait, product and commission art work when he is not gardening with his wife, taking care of his flock of chickens and two dogs.




Lori Edwards

Jane Walls, CPP

Jane was born and raised in Australia, where her love of photography began with a Kodak Brownie camera! Jane moved from Scotland to the USA in 1996, with her husband, Jim, and they made Arizona their home. Together they formed a business, Fourwalls Photographic, in 2005, specializing in family portraiture and dance photography. Jane also works as a first-grade teacher.

Jane has been a member of AZPPA since 2016 and PPA since 2017.

She earned her Certified Professional Photographer status in 2018, thanks to help from AZPPA mentors.

Lizzy McMillan

Eileen Ball

At the age of 22, Eileen walks across the stage to receive her Bachelor’s Degree in Digital Photography. Staying at the top of her class, she worked a full-time job while taking on a full load of classes and creating an impressive commercial portfolio.

With an outstanding work ethic and a dedication to excel in her craft, Eileen has worked hard and continues to surround herself with photography by being a part of both PPA and AZPPA.

“For me, photography isn’t just a career. It’s a part of me just as much as my family or my name. It is my past, present and future. Although, it is not easy, it is rewarding every day.”

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